CI Item

  • Development and production of CI items

    The showrooms of global brands have many specific items that are common throughout the world.
    Especially, signs, interior and exterior building materials, furniture, and special equipment are subject to strict regulations regarding size, function, quality, etc.

  • CI Signage

    We can provide a consistent production plan from signage design, material selection, detailed design, structural calculation, and lighting fixture selection.

    In recent years, both foreign and domestic manufacturers have adopted common standards for signage that symbolize their brand images, and they have introduced common sign items all over the world.
    We can analyze the design and specifications of signage imported from overseas and modify them to meet Japanese safety standards.

    CI Signage
  • CI interior and exterior construction materials

    There are various specification such as materials and colors for construction materials used in the showrooms of global brands. (exterior wall materials, floor materials, wall materials, ceiling materials, etc.)
    We understand the facility standards and select the best materials to meet the Japanese building standards.
    We also collaborate with building material manufacturers to develop custom-made products that meet the standards.
    We introduced a scheme that simplifies the commercial flow with the cooperation of manufacturers to provide materials at a more reasonable price than usual.

    CI interior and exterior construction materials
  • CI fixtures and furniture

    Fixtures and furniture play an important role in branding showrooms. Most global manufactures have universal standards and introduce the same design items all over the world.

    We work with cooperating factories nationwide to select the most suitable factory for the material to be used and produce high quality items.
    In addition, instead of importing original items from overseas, we can produce alternative products in Japan that are sized to fit the needs of Japanese people and are made with the attention to detail and workmanship that Japanese people demand.

    CI fixtures and furniture
  • CI special equipment machines

    In recent years, showrooms have diversified into communication tools such as VR, touch monitors, multi-monitors, and LED vision.
    We also work with these special equipment manufacturers to develop custom products that meet your standards.

    CI special equipment machines