CI Management

  • We embody the corporate brand image and provide support services
    to expand stores nationwide.

    CI:Corporate Identity is one of business strategies to enhance a corporate culture by unifying a brand image and design.
    We prepare a CI store guideline, draw a plan based on branding, and supervise until the completion.

  • Creation of CI guideline

    We clearly summarize the points of various guideline aimed at design firms and construction companies for building stores such as domestic and overseas manufactures’ store design, architectural design, architectural equipment, planning of signage, and layout of furniture.

    For overseas manufactures, a member who had a training leads creation of Japanese version of the store guideline.

    CI Management
  • Creation of CI plan

    We create a policy plan based on CI guideline.
    Expert design team members, who are familiar with car showrooms, create a plan in consideration of the flow line between people, cars, customers, and staff, and the operation and maintenance functions unique to car showrooms.
    Besides, we can create a clearer and more efficient plan with BIM-based drawing and 3D presentations.

    We can get an approval directly from both domestic and overseas manufactures’ headquarters.

    CI Management
  • Consistent management until CI completion inspection

    We can provide consistent management services from research of candidate sites for stores, planning, and discussion with architectural firms and construction companies to CI completion inspection.  

    CI Management